New Life Baptist Church


New Life Baptist Church is a family-oriented, Christ-centered, Bible-preaching church. We are independent Baptist who preach from the King James Bible and sing the old fashioned hymns.

New Life Baptist Church began in 1968 under the pastoral leadership of William Lamey in Saint Petersburg, PA. In 1971, the church was incorporated as the Fundamental Baptist Church of Saint Petersburg and resided under that name until 2017 when God moved upon the hearts of the people to change the name to New Life Baptist Church. Although the name "Fundamental" was replaced with "New Life," we still hold to the fundamental (foundational) principles and teachings of the Bible. 

The name “New Life” comes from II Corinthians 5:17 where it is written that for those who have put their faith in Christ all things have become new. The message we desire to communicate through our name change is that it doesn't matter what your past may hold, Jesus can give you a new life. People cannot change their past but they can change the direction of their lives through Jesus Christ. People cannot change who they were but through Jesus Christ they can change who they become.

God offers us a new life through His Son, Jesus Christ, and by His grace, God gives everybody the opportunity to start over, to start fresh. There is no life too far removed from God that God cannot reach. There is no sin too great that God will not forgive. God’s desire is for all people everywhere to be saved.


The best way to start over is by going to church. When you make God a priority in your life, your life is guaranteed to be different. Many people desire to start over, to start fresh, and live a new life but they start their “new” life the same way they started their old - without God. As they live their “new” life without Christ they begin to realize that it’s no different than before and they conclude that it’s pointless to try living a better life.


Life is too precious to waste and too valuable to lose. Unfortunately, we only get one life on this earth - there’s no second chances when we die. By the grace of God you can have a chance to start your life over no matter how far in life you’ve traveled or what paths you’ve walked...and New Life Baptist Church is the perfect place to be to start over!

We are more than just a church, we’re a family. New Life Baptist Church is a place for everyone and where everyone has a place.



Pastor Mike and his family have been serving faithfully at New Life Baptist Church since the fall of 2013. He and his family moved all the way from Arizona to oversee the ministry at New Life Baptist Church.


Back in 2000, God had put a desire in his heart at a young age to preach the Word of God. To move closer to the fulfillment of God's desire, Pastor Mike graduated from Heartland Baptist Bible College in 2006 and moved to Arizona where he served faithfully as Assistant Pastor for seven years.


His wife, Jenna, also attended Heartland Baptist Bible College but their paths did not cross until they first met in Arizona while her parents were on deputation in 2009. They had become happily married a short time later in April 2010 and now have four beautiful, energetic, and rambunctious children. Together they faithfully serve the Lord each day and anticipate seeing God do great things at New Life Baptist Church.

Little is Much when God is in It!


Sunday Morning Bible Study: 10:00 am

Sunday Morning Worship: 11:00 am

 Sunday Evening Prayer: 6:00 pm

Friday Night Home Bible Study: 6:00 pm